Relisse® 2520

Assure defect-free molding and fast, non-stick release from glass molds.

Relisse forms a durable, quick-release nanofilm on glass molds used in casting plastic and composite products, such as plastic lenses, aircraft windows and composite components so articles release quickly and cleanly. Relisse chemically bonds to the mold’s surface, so it doesn’t transfer to the molded part, ensuring smooth, defect-free results. The hydrophobic formula also seals the mold’s surface against contaminants and facilitates easy cleaning.

  • Provides multiple releases before reapplication
  • Resistant to hard-water, solvents and most acids to protect the molds
  • Non-stick and non-staining
  • No transfer of mold release to molded components, thus maintaining clarity and pristine appearance of the part.

Apply by a simple wipe-on/wipe-off process; 20-minute cure time. When needed, refurbish by same method, renewing all characteristics to their original state.

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