Clarity Defender® Plus

Water-repellant, non-stick transportation glass coating increases all-weather visibility, cleanability

Defender Plus

This durable self-assembling nanofilm seals transportation glass and mirrors with an optically clear barrier that repels rain, significantly improving operator visibility and reaction time. And that means added safety drivers and passengers have come to rely on, especially on dark, rainy nights.

  • Seals automobile, marine craft, train and aircraft glass
  • Lasts from 6 months up to two years, depending on climate and use
  • Improves scratch resistance of glass
  • Blocks acids, mild alkalis, road salt, antifreeze and harsh cleaners
  • Non-stick barrier releases ice and snow easier and reduces the cleaning effort to remove soils, such as sap, bugs and bird droppings.

The coating chemically bonds to the glass and retains its properties even after exposures to extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C - 121°C for extended time periods.

Easy wipe on, wipe off application in under 15 minutes and can be reapplied as needed.

Clarity Defender Plus is also available for bulk application via spray, dip or contact spreading for use in professional settings, such as maintenance, windshield replacement or detailing venues. Like the consumer-applied product, it cures quickly at ambient temperatures with no additional processes needed.

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