Durable anti-fog coating for plastics can be rejuvenated indefinitely

This optically clear hardcoat resin provides durable anti-fog performance that can be maintained indefinitely by cleaning with surfactant-containing liquids, such as lens cleaner. Formulated for polycarbonate and acrylics, such as PMMA sheet, it also increases abrasion and scratch resistance. This coating is UV cured.

  • Fog-free under standard conditions
  • Fog-free property can be restored; passes EN 168 test if cleaned with lens cleaner after water soak
  • Scratch and abrasion resistance meets or exceeds all other anti-fog hardcoats
  • Optically clear and very low haze
  • Fast curing with UV light under ambient atmosphere

Applications include: polycarbonate and acrylic glazing; acrylic sheet; acrylic display covers; ophthalmic polycarbonate lenses; safety eyewear polycarbonate lenses

We welcome you to work with us on finalizing ECHO AAF; samples are available for testing. Let us qualify you to see if ECHO AAF meets your needs.

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