Clarity UltraSEAL® ABW-GL

Anti-weathering glass coating applied at higher temperatures expands processing options

UltraSeal ABW-GL, like UltraSeal ABW, is a UV-resistant, optically clear, self-assembling nanofilm that shields bare and anti-reflective coated glass and ceramics against damaging weather, contaminants, chemical erosion, abrasion and scratching. Additionally, it can be applied at higher temperatures, enabling integration or retrofitting into a wide variety of manufacturing processes.

Glass applications include: soda lime float glass; borosilicate glass; low-iron, lead-free glass; strengthened, including heat- or chemical-treated glass; etched & sand blasted decorative glass; anti-reflective coated glass

Glazed ceramics applications include: vitreous china; porcelain; bone china

  • Successfully applied to glass and AR-coated glass at up to 80°C with no loss in properties
  • Reduces down time waiting for glass to cool to room temperature
  • Withstands extended sunlight and UV exposure, acid rain and other environmental chemicals
  • Easy-clean surface preserves appearance and functionality, reducing the use of harsh cleaning detergents

The coating chemically bonds to the surface for long-lasting durability.

Apply by spray, dip, roller-coat, curtain-coat or contact application. It can cure as fast as 15 seconds at 80°C. When needed, renew with a simple wipe-on, wipe-off refurbishing application.

We welcome you to work with us on finalizing UltraSEAL ABW-GL; samples are available for testing. Let us qualify you to see if UltraSEAL ABW-GL meets your needs

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