Which surface treatment or nanocoating provides the performance enhancement you need?

Nanofilm’s durable, optically clear surface treatments and nanocoatings can add new properties to the surface of glass, ceramics, and any anti-reflective coated substrates, including plastics. Ranging in thickness from less than 20 nanometers to several microns thick, our surface treatments and nanocoatings chemically bond to a surface to bring new performance where it is needed the most. In today’s demanding world, resistance to scratching, marring, chemical attack and staining can set you apart. As an added benefit, treated surfaces are much easier to clean.

We design our nanotechnology-enabled solutions to work harder for you.

Commercial Surface Treatments

Designed to preserve the appearance of glass, ceramic and anti-reflective surfaces, these treatments self-assemble and bond to a surface within seconds, requiring no additional steps or lengthy cure times. Formulated for interior or exterior use, these treatments protect and enhance the performance of such materials as architectural glass, picture and museum glass, shower doors, touch screens, among others. They are also used for dinnerware and industrial porcelain applications.

Coatings in Development

We are continually working on innovations to improve and enhance glass, metals, ceramics and plastics. Whether your interest is in new properties or new processes, we invite you to explore and test what we have in development.