Here at Nanofilm, we develop and manufacture products that make it easier for the consumer to care for those items they use every day. From cleansing eyewear and electronics screens with our surface care products to treating optics to prevent fogging, we use our knowledge of surfaces to improve the user experience. Our nano-enabled treatments and coatings are designed to modify a surface, improving its functionality without altering the physical appearance.

  • Specialty Cleaners

    Specialty Cleaners

    With a thorough understanding of surface materials, our specialty cleaners are designed to remove fingerprints and soils from optical lenses and electronics screens. We know those products can be expensive, so our R&D team formulates and tests our solutions to clean safely and effectively. It’s trusted care for those products used daily.

  • Anti-fogs & Surface Treatments

    Anti-fogs & Surface Treatments

    Have you ever been in a situation where your eyeglass lenses fogged terribly? Or driving on a dark rainy night where it’s tougher to see? From anti fog products to windshield treatments, our consumer-applied products enhance a clear surface, offering the benefits of improved vision, easy clean properties, and in some cases, piece of mind.

  • Coatings & New Technologies

    Coatings & New Technologies

    Looking to differentiate yourself from the competition? Our permanent nano-thin coatings and new technologies, formulated to protect and enhance a surface with new properties, are designed for that. With properties like mar, scratch or UV resistance, easy clean or slowing the accumulation of surface soils, our expertise benefits glass, ceramics, metal and some plastics.

  • Audiences


    Eye care Professionals, Safety Professionals, Retail Chains, Consumers, Distributors and Coating Professionals.

  • Clearance


    Same quality you love for a fraction of the price - quantities limited!