Safety Professionals

The antifog that really works for Safety Professionals

Fogged lenses, from protective eyewear to safety glasses, are not only a nuisance, but can lead to injury as well. Nanofilm chemists developed a formula that became a standard for the military and is now the first choice in industrial safety, sports and everyday use.

  1. Effective formulation that stops lens fog in heat, cold, humidity and changing temperatures on all types of safety glasses, goggles, welding, faceshields and everyday eyewear.
  2. Helps increase PPE compliance, and thus reduce injury, as workers will keep their protective eyewear on when seeing fog free.
  3. Choose from reusable cloths or liquid concentrate to meet your application preference. Both formulated to work effectively on high-tech lenses, such as anti-reflective.
  4. Pair up with lens cleaning solutions for all around care in the workplace.
  5. A variety of workplace safety resources, including videos, newsletters, articles and materials to help educate all employees.

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