Retail Chains

Products and Partnership with Retail Chains

Professional lens and electronics care is an extension of your brand that reaches from your store to the customer’s everyday experience. Nanofilm partners with you to develop cost-effective products, packaging and marketing programs that exemplify the quality, fashion and performance you expect. We’re also an educational resource ready to help train your associates on product care as a customer satisfaction and brand-building tool.

  1. The only lens and electronics care line from specialists in coatings and surface care technology.
  2. Products manufactured in-house for quality control and timely delivery of goods.
  3. Education and training, including leading Manager Training Seminars.
  4. Experts in developing sales and marketing programs and assisting in their implementation.
  5. Talented in-house design staff that creates fresh looks in packaging and private label programs to help you increase product sales and reduce costs.

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