We help you see your world clearly!

From eyeglasses & sunglasses to sport goggles & safety glasses, smart phones & tablets to car & boat windshields, Nanofilm’s Clarity® line of products is designed to care for and protect what you’re looking through or looking at every day. Think of our products as a way to protect some of your most valued, or needed, possessions.

  • Products are formulated by our in-house R&D staff, experts in coating technology.
  • Originally developed for eyecare professionals, Ultra Clarity® lens and electronics cleaner is safe and effective on all types of eyewear, including today’s most advanced lenses.
  • Lens fogging is truly a thing of the past with Defog It™, our proven antifog formulation that’s been accepted by military personnel, industrial safety professionals and sport enthusiasts.
  • Today’s electronic world is a blueprint for fingerprints galore. We’ve made it easy to keep those screens clean with Ultra Clarity.
  • Hate driving on a dark, rainy night? Increase your driving vision, and safety, with Clarity Defender® Plus, our water repellent windshield treatment.