Environmental Policy

Nanofilm is a leader in nanotechnology, developing and commercializing ultra thin films to enhance the performance of a variety of materials, and Nanofilm manufactures a variety of coatings, cleaner and conditioners for optical surfaces. Nanofilm is committed to using reasonable means to 1) consider the impact these materials have on the environment and on the health of employees and 2)to minimize its adverse impact on the environment by complying with all applicable environmental legal requirements and other environmental requirements to which we subscribe. Furthermore, Nanofilm, within the scope of it’s Environmental Management System commits to:

  • Reuse, recycle, and prevent pollution whenever practical;
  • Use energy, water and raw materials efficiently throughout our operations;
  • Ensure the safe and proper handling and use of materials;
  • Ensure that all active nanoingredients will be safely encapsulated within polymer resins/coatings/carriers and cannot be separated out;
  • Ensure that internal processes and end products do not allow the release of free nanoparticles into the environment and prevent any unintended exposure to the population;
  • Ensure the safe and proper disposal of materials;
  • Monitor and make available information about our environmental performance and operation of our EMS with the community;
  • Continuously pursue opportunities to improve our environmental performance.

At Nanofilm the environment is everyone’s job, because we live here too.